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It was the right time.

July 24, 2017

For the past 14 years, I have been working on my own company, Prep Gear Headwear, developing high-quality caps for Team Sports in the continental United States, with customers in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Austria.  This was an extremely rewarding experience.  I learned a lot and grew as a person.
When one embarks on a small business venture, one enters with hopes and dreams.  It's like being drafted by a Major League team.  Then you realize that getting there is only the beginning.  Now you have to train hard (even in the off season), you need to have discipline, and you need to fight for your position in the league.  But even with all that, there are no guarantees.  You may have to play a position you are not comfortable with, your teammate zigged left when he/she should've zigged right, etc.  I can bore you to death with all the sports analogies.  At the end, a few questions will remain... Am I in the right team?  Am I what the team needs?
It is not about work ethic, or about friendship, or even about business.  Sometimes a change is needed.  Nothing more, nothings less.  A different venture with different challenges.  Something you can get excited about again.  So here I am after all these years starting a new chapter, and I could not be more motivated.  So when you feel things have not gone your way for a while, or you feel like you have hit a plateau, just remember Einstein's definition of insanity "...to do the same thing over and over again expecting a different result".


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