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From concept to final product, we'll make sure your vision is achieve.
Created during my time working at Jeff Hamilton Industries. There were many high profile clients.
The gentleman in the photos is Mr. Jeff Hamilton himself.
Product Variety
From the design of your logo to all the other assets you may need.
Product Lines
We will create a line of coherent designs to support and promote your brand.
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A career-focus developed over many years, Rod Perez is adept at taking a concept and guiding the design all the way through to the final product.  In his early career, Rod worked on a production team before moving to a design department.  This gave him the knowledge of how the manufacturing process works and allowed him to bring a practical approach to his design work.  Rod creates designs and develops products that are not only great looking but also production friendly, directly impacting your business’s bottom line.


From t-shirts to jackets, caps, beanies, visors, and many other sports apparel products, Rod has maintained his keen eye for production process detail to inform his design work.  This insight goes both ways, as Rod has in turn, made suggestions to improve the manufacturing process in ways that accentuate the design concept to bring a vision to life.   


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