Prep Gear was my company for the past 14 years. It's entire brand entity was built by us.
Bud Khul
Logo creation for Bud Kuhl's annual baseball tournament.
SL4 Tactical
Logo creation for a martial arts program that specializes in police and security tactics.
Not an original design. We were tasked with enhancing and rejuvenating the existing logo.
Aloha Hawaiian BBQ
Restaurant logo creation. We also designed it's menu and shirts.
Cop Stuff
Logo creation for a police training program. T-Shirts were also designed.
Techno Nerds
Logo design for a tech-support company.
Logo design for a line of children's scooter.
Smokin Aces
Logo creation for a line of disc golf products.
Pacific Coast Motoring
Logo creation for a high end car customization store.
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The signature of every brand, it all starts with a logo. Creating a single visual that represents everything a brand encompasses is a complex process, but one that Rod Perez has successfully guided numerous companies, schools, and business owners through.  


The key elements Rod looks for when developing a logo are:

  • The what, the how and, most importantly, the why of a brand: What do you do, how do you do it and what is the story behind why you do it in the first place?  Getting to know the character of the brand is essential to designing the right logo for you.

  • Your brand identity in context: From your color palette, to the industry you operate in, and how you differentiate yourself from your competitors, context is essential to understanding a brand and developing its logo.

  • How this logo will be used:  There are so many places a logo is used, Rod works carefully with his clients to identify the myriad of way that a logo will be used, and makes sure that the design is practical for the brand’s needs.

  • The audience: Who is the customer of this brand and what action do we want them to take? By understanding those you are targeting and the feeling we want to incite in them, Rod customizes the style, colors and impact of every logo to your specific needs.


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