SNOW LEOPARD - Oils. Based on a photograph from National Geographic.
ARTIST EYE - Pastels. Abstract painting representing the artist eye.
Pencil sketches of a Lioness and Cub, and a Golden Eagle.
BATMAN - Markers, color pencils. Retouched and finished with Photoshop.
SKETCHES - Pencil sketches of various comic book characters.
Fan art of popular manga/anime characters.
Character Creation
"Children Friendly" character created for Try My Nuts, Nut Company.
Computer coloring for various comic books.
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Rod Perez is a creator, not just a graphic design expert.  His background in painting and illustration allows him to bring creative depth to his work and be truly original in creating the perfect designs to bring your vision to life.

He also worked as a colorist for Harris Comics on the Vampirella graphic novel.  This gave him a deep understanding of color and design: giving life to images through color.  


Rod is also experienced in character creation and development, designing mascots for logos, and other characters to personify your brand.


Contact Rod today to pick his artistic brain for your design project!


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